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Dodge Neon News

MY RIDE- Jorge Vasquez: 1997 Dodge Neon

MY RIDE- Jorge Vasquez: 1997 Dodge Neon...Published December 7, 2006 in issue 0549 of the HooK. By HOOK STAFF MYRIDE@READTHEHOOK.COM The first thing Jorge Vasquez did when he bought his red Dodge Neon two months ago: put a car bra on the front and decorate the whole vehicle with flame stickers. The car's look pleases him. "I like red,...

Police search for Dodge Neon involved in fatal crash

...Police are searching for a car involved in an accident that killed a motorcyclist in Southwest Philadelphia early yesterday morning. The accident occurred at 74th and Holstein at 2:38 a.m., police said, when a black four-door Dodge Neon with tinted windows, a single chrome muffler, and a raised...

Thief Jams 7 Cows into Dodge Neon

...Victor Gardner is in a New York jail facing charges of third degree burglary and larceny after he was apprehended Wednesday for stealing calves from a local farmer. St. Lawrence County Sheriffs deputies said that Gardner, who's been in trouble multiple times for burglary, worked with an...

Police: stolen cattle were loaded into Dodge Neon

...An Ogdensburg man allegedly stole seven calves from a farm in Canton by loading them into his Dodge Neon. Sheriff's investigators charge 22 year old Victor Gardner of 711 Lake Street with Burglary and Larceny. Investigators say that on April 22nd, Gardner and an accomplice loaded the seven calves...

Neon supernova-- advertising stunt to see Dodge dropped off of ...

...Remember 'Smash that Viper! '? Well, sibling-site Adjab posted about some 'good ole boys' who are performing a similar stunt with their 1997 Dodge Neon Sport (pictured). Dodge kinship aside, the stakes hardly seem as high, eh? The GOBs are auctioning ad space on the Neon over on eBay , with the...

Dodge unplugs Neon, hits target with small Caliber

...Dodge is ready to replace the aging, dated Neon (a.k.a. SX 2.0) and it's doing so in a most unexpected way. Instead of merely redesigning the three-box Neon sedan, they've tossed out everything and started from scratch. It's a front-drive, five-seat vehicle (all-wheel drive is available) with more...

Detroit Show: 2007 Dodge Caliber Debut Puts Neon to Rest

...DETROIT — Chrysler tapped several far-flung partners for assistance in engineering the all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber, which replaces the aging Neon in Dodge showrooms this spring. For one, the Neon was a conventional sedan, while the Caliber is a five-door hatchback. And where the Neon had soft,...

Dodge Neon News
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