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1996 Dodge Neon Review, Teri Williams, From Livermore,

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Dodge Expresso

 Model of the car:Dodge Expresso
 General comments:I had to get a car within a three day period, so I ended up with thin Neon Expresso. I was 18 when I bought it so it was a great car for a reasonable price. I love it because it is sporty, yet enough room for long drives. But this past six months I have had so many problems with it that it is not worth it. My HEAD GASKET and CYLINDER HEAD needed to be replaced, the price was pratically six car payments worth! Now my BELTS need to be replaced and it is always LEAKING OIL. I am moving away from home in six months and I need a car that is reliable! This Neon is not!! I'm nervous on what might break down next and I don't have the money to get it fixed. This car is great for a teenager or a young adult, but not when you need something without worring about what will break next. This weekend I am going to look at new cars, most likely a Honda or Toyata, I've heard those are reliable cars! I am so surprised on how many people wrote they had problems with their HEAD GASKET. I'm happy to see that I am not the only one, but sad that Chrysler or Dodge won't recall the Neon. I wish my car was still on warranty when this part broke!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:1. Always needs to be in the shop, to much money to fix it!2. Makes to many noises3. Windows fog up easily with the heater on4. No cruise control5. Need to down shift when A
 Previous car:None

Review 1996 Dodge Neon Teri Williams, From Livermore,
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