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1996 Dodge Neon Review, Maria Gorline, From Godfrey, I

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 Model of the car:Highline
 General comments:I purchased this car used in 1996. It had 9,000 miles on it. At 39,000 miles, I blew a head gasket. The radio stopped working shortly after that. The inside trunk release cable broke after that. At 52,000 miles, the rear main seal went out. At 60,000 miles I had to get a new battery. I had to travel to 3 different places because it has some weird battery in it & no one had one in stock. Shortly after that incident, I had my brakes replaced. The back brakes had not been functioning for years & therefore the front brakes had been taking all the stress & needed to be totally redone. No turning those rotors! A tune up cost me over $200 because some pollution crap went out. This caused my check engine soon light to come on & scare the hell out of me. 2 days ago my vehicle speed sensor went out (68,000 miles) & replacing this $39.95 part is costing me over $200 with labor & that stupid diagnostic nonsense. Of course, they're not sure that will completely cure it. Maybe I'll just lose my power-steering again & slam the rotten piece of crap into a wall! This is, by far, the worst vehicle I've ever had. It has even managed to knock my 1984 Pontiac Firebird out of first position. I'm going back to Ford trucks. Neon is NO value at any price! No one should buy this car; you won't save any money!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Everything. What a piece of crap! It would be easier to list everything that hasn't broken!
 Previous car:I've never had anything I would compare to this piece of garbage. May I suggest buying a Geo Prizm or Ford Ranger. Or perhaps a Jaguar because by the time you pay for repairs on a Neon, you could've bought one in the first place!

Review 1996 Dodge Neon Maria Gorline, From Godfrey, I
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