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1996 Dodge Neon Review, Ed Benjamin, From Endicott NY

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Dodge Neon RT

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon RT
 General comments:My RT neon has been great! never had anyproblems and it has
97 thousand miles I know many
people with neons that have had problems but not any of them have
been a RT My little RT neon has beaten 3thousandgts comaros mustang
any kind of civic integra and eclipses in quarter mile races ive raced
ilegaly in street races and out of all twelve races ive never lost because of
my RT i have made some good money if your gonna buy a neon make
sure its an RT Theyre a fun car to drive and are really fast they blow
the imports away
 What things have gone wrong with the car:not the best in the snow
 Previous car:Nothing for the price that could get up like this car

Review 1996 Dodge Neon Ed Benjamin, From Endicott NY
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