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1996 Dodge Neon Review, Don Kreienkamp, From St. Louis

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Neon, Neon

 Model of the car:Neon, Neon
 General comments:What a piece of junk. How did these things sell in the first place, they fall apart as you drive as soon as you fix one thing the next breaks and its always more expensive. My advice blow it up and collect insurance money.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:where do i start, on both i've owned i've had major oil leeks, air conditioners broke, needed new breaks, head gasket, broken trunk, speakers, you name it i had it (of course paint peeling, i think it was standard on all neons at the time mine was released.)
 Previous car:well i walk and run pretty fast and i don't cost as much as well

Review 1996 Dodge Neon Don Kreienkamp, From St. Louis
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