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1997 Dodge Neon Review, John, From San Diego, CA

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Dodge Neon 4door

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon 4door
 General comments:Needed to replace head gasket, brakes squeal, front speakers died, major, major paint problems on roof (It's so bad, I had a woman from Atlanta pull up next to me in traffic saying that I could demand that Dodge repaint my car :) The AC is dead, but I don't know if it just needs a recharge or not. I had major oil leak problems. I had a transmission leak, but apparently it was just a hose to the coolant or something. I didn't think I'd ever in my lifetime make it out of a transmission shop for under $100. Hubcaps are a pain to get on and off. One is lost because it got damaged when I let a tire shop put new tires on. Otherwise, it runs OK.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Low quality paint, head-gasket, speakers, hubcaps, oil leaks.
 Previous car:Barbie fashion-mobile??? :)

Review 1997 Dodge Neon John, From San Diego, CA
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