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1997 Dodge Neon Review, Brian, From Cleveland, Ohio, U

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Dodge Neon

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon
 General comments:A good reliable car for the first 60000 miles, then it begins to fall apart. Only buy on of these that are fairly new with low miles and keep it for only a few years, or else your car will transform in to a piece of crap that you are still paying for, and everyone will know how to follow you home because of the trail of oil you leave behind...Please do not feel sorry for yourself and buy a near, get a real car...Spend an extra few grand and get a vehicle that will last. Like the oldsmobile intrigue, better gas mileage more room, similiar cost, and better resale.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:a good car until you get about 60000miles. The car then begins to ride like a truck.Head Gasket will never make it past 80000 miles. Crankshaft seal leaks spraying oil everywhere.The automatic only get an average of 27 mpg which sucks for a car this size, many mid size sedans get this kind of mpg.There limited brands of tires available for the neon, because the wheels are narrow. Spent $400 bucks on tires that lasted 15000miles, tires wear very fast, on my 4th set of them.Seals suck around doors, lets water get in and heat get out, water seaps into the car doors and blows out your speakers.
 Previous car:Dodge Daytona-nothing has changed with dodge, they still make crap for small sedans. Both cars love to leak oil and are vihicles only someone in poverty would ride, or someone with bad taste, poor judgement, or a sick perverted mind.Ford Pinto-about the s

Review 1997 Dodge Neon Brian, From Cleveland, Ohio, U
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