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1997 Dodge Neon Review, Ben, From Kent, WA, USA

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Dodge Neon

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon
 General comments:In all fairness I drive my neon pretty hard. Any car driven by me will probably have a deal of problems but it shouldn't have as many as my neon has suffered in the past 2 years I've owned it. Of course it is a fun car to drive most of the time and since it isn't worth much I'll keep it and keep it running until I can get something else. It isn't worth trading off and I've had some good times in it but of course it isn't the best small car in the world but it is better than a Honda. (I say that only because I am prejudiced against Hondas and I WILL NEVER OWN A HONDA, I choose not to be a lemming. Yeah so I'm racist against Hondas so sue me).
 What things have gone wrong with the car:This car stands with the majority of American compacts as having a VERY VERY LOW build quality. My head gasket blew at 35K miles, the transmission died at 58K miles, the body panels are flimsy and dent WAY too easily. The car is too easy to knock out of alignment, the suspension on mine is a joke because it makes popping noises and is difficult to control at freeway speeds. Also the right taillight leaks water (an easy fix but still annoying), the plastics look cheap, the door trim panel broke (not the cars fault but the repair shops fault so I probably shouldn't mention it), the window glass scratches too easily and it moves out of place letting a great amount of wind noise into the car. Also the headlights do not emit a great deal of light, actually they are quite weak. The front and rear bumper covers look and feel pretty cheap but they do the job I guess. The resale value stinks. Also don't let me forget the brakes, they wear fast and are pretty weak. The electrical system has typical Mopar quirks and because of that the car has left me stranded twice.
 Previous car:I've only driven American vehicles unfortunately. I won't be buying American again because Americans build lower quality cars compared to Europeans or even Far Eastern folks. (Just my opinion)

Review 1997 Dodge Neon Ben, From Kent, WA, USA
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