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1997 Dodge Neon Review, Robert MacIsaac, From Nova Sc

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 Model of the car:Sedan
 General comments:I actually like the way this car handles and it has enough power, but the drawbacks certainly outweigh the benefits to owning one. I will be getting rid of it as soon as I can and am just thankful I bought an extended warranty with it. I must say I have received excellent service from the dealership ( Jim Sampson Motors ) and would not hesitate to deal with them again, but I will not buy a Neon.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:This is the court jester of automobiles; it aims to entertain with strange noises and unpredictable behavior. Within a week of buying this car the torque converter went. The front and back brakes have been replaced and still squeal relentlessly.. The head gasket and exhaust gasket have been replaced. A weird popping noise keeps coming from the suspension. When you start the car it sounds as though it is preparing for lift-off. I don't know if the elevated rear end throws off the car's balance but it is an absolute death trap in the snow( The rear end swings out unexpectedly, even at low speeds) When it rains, actual puddles of water accumulate on the back floor and the trunk leaks. The service engine light appears content to remain on for the duration. The bell that rings when the door is opened rings sometimes but most of the time it dooesn't bother.
 Previous car:I have never driven a dodge before but if this is what I can expect, it will be my last.

Review 1997 Dodge Neon Robert MacIsaac, From Nova Sc
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