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2002 Dodge Neon Review, LSutton, From Goldsboro

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Dodge Neon

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon
 General comments:I traded in my Dodge Neon 2000 for a new Neon 2002 thinking I would get a better deal - wrong answer. The same problems are happening all over again. The main problem are my brakes. They squeak and scrub all day long (loud). Sounds are coming from the back brakes. I've taken this car in to Chrysler at least 5 times. They either say "they don't hear anything or it's normal, or something about abestos padding that's not used anymore." I am really fed up, and embarrassed about this car, but do to finances I can't do another trade any time soon. They get my money and I can't get no satisfaction. I hope some one is out there listening. I hate this car :-(
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Brakes are lousy
 Previous car:Neon 2000

Review 2002 Dodge Neon LSutton, From Goldsboro
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