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2002 Dodge Neon Review, MaximaBella, From Vancouver, W

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Dodge Neon

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon
 General comments:I totalled my Nissan Maxima over the summer, and bought a brand new Neon..I had alot of credit stipulations, so I coudlnt really just get a PREAP and buy whatever I wanted, and financers wanted me in a new car.
I always liked the looks of the new neon, and fell in love with the flame red one on the lot that I bought.
I really have no real complaints about my car,anything lacking is sheer vanity that could be aquired just by purchasing a higher end Neon, or a more luxury car. The adjustment from a Maxima to a Neon wasnt easy..I miss my sunroof most prolly. Everything was faulty on my Maxima anyways. I wish Dodge had a longer factory warranty. I dont think my gas mileage is superior to anythng else Ive owned. I did get pretty good service at my local vancouver dodge dealer tho..even tho thats not even where I purchased it.
The reason Im writing..ahh the famous trunk leak. I live in a very wet climate and the leak started about 2 months after I bought my car, started with mold growing, now where the spare tire is, there is standing water, and the floorboard type thing that covers the spare is rotten and corroded.
Dodge just ordered new parts, I bought my car july 2002, and will already by without it for repairs in Jan 2003. Ive had ZERO mechanical or electrical problems! Over all, I like my lil neon.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Trunk- I didnt ask for the kiddy pool option
Small gas tank=weakness also, Im always filling up
No cruise control-shouldnt all newer cars have this option, sheesh
Very hard to control the heat in the car, always to hot or too cold
Poor visibilty from all angles, blind spots hard to get used to!
Warranty=too short
Horrible re-sale
 Previous car:Owned: 1993 Escort LX 1990 Nissan Maxima SE

Review 2002 Dodge Neon MaximaBella, From Vancouver, W
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