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2002 Dodge Neon Review, One_mountain_mamma

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 Model of the car:Neon
 General comments:The car had served me well in the past year. I was worried when I bought it, becasue my friends older Neons had fallen apart. It handles fairly well on dry pavement, but not as well on wet pavement or snow. The backseat is big enough for my child to crawl in and out of easily without my legts being squashed. The seats are fairly comfortable, but could be a bit wider. I bought the car used with high milage and haven't has any problems other than squeeky breaks. It could also get better city gas milage. I love the rearview mirror lights.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Squeeky brakes.
Outside noise.
Lack of quick acceleration.
Body integ.
 Previous car:Cavalier (terrible car don't buy it)

Review 2002 Dodge Neon One_mountain_mamma
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