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2002 Dodge Neon Review, Barbara , From North Carolina

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Dodge Neon Sxt

 Model of the car:Dodge Neon Sxt
 General comments:i was looking for a car for graduation. i wanted something sporty but with a good price. my mother wanted me to get another honda, but where i live everyone has a honda. On the way to my grandma's house my parents saw a car that i would love. the next day i went to look at it. It was a limited sxt sport neon. i had to have it. i't yellow and comes with a spoiler, rims, and yellow around the shifter and cd player. It has four doors so it's kind of practical. i'm overall happy with the car. i soon got mirror tint on the windows. the guy who did it slashed the window seal stuff and dodge was nice enough to replace it. I really like it. It's good on gas to an extent.(i owned a honda civic that got 63 miles to the gallon) i recommend a neon. but before you buy make sure about the warranty. i don't have any problems, in fact i have started winning trophies at car shows because they think i've done all the custom work!!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:if you get not park under street lamps!! (bugs)
 Previous car:1985 honda civic " the thing that won't die"

Review 2002 Dodge Neon Barbara , From North Carolina
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